Simple Productivity Task Of The Day: Work Somewhere Else

by Randy Murray on July 31, 2013

Having difficulty focusing and getting your work done? Pack up and move to somewhere new to work.

This isn’t possible for everyone. The auto mechanic needs to work in the garage and the surgeon in the hospital. But many of us, the “knowledge workers,” don’t necessarily have to be chained to our desks. Getting up and finding a new spot to work can sometimes perform wonders.

Why do people like to work in coffee shops? Because, believe it our not, these busy, noisy places are often less distracting than the office. Strangers rarely interrupt you the way that your co-workers at the office will. And the new location also reminds you that “you are here to work.”

Sometimes, you yourself may be more of the problem than your office and your co-workers are. Finding a new, temporary work place may help you get out of your own way and to complete a task, to get some work done.

Distracted and having a hard time getting things done? Pack up and head for the hills. There’s work to be done.

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