Modern Marketing 101: Hire A Marketing Agency, But Don’t Focus Exclusively On Local

by Randy Murray on July 10, 2014

Do you really need someone just down the road to help with your marketing? Or do you need someone who can demonstrate that they can do what you need?

I do a lot of work all over the country, and yes, some right here in Columbus, Ohio. My biggest clients are elsewhere. And with one exception, a national retailer who wanted me to conduct in-person interviews with their executives, I have never met my out of town clients in person.

I talk on the phone. I conduct video conferences. I send emails and work on their intranets. But they really don’t need to have me show up. It’s much cheaper for them if I don’t. These businesses have found that they can have access to my talent and experience without having me plant my butt in a chair across the table from them.

And a bonus to both of us: online meetings/calls/conferences typically are much more efficient and SHORTER than in-person meetings.

And guess what. It’s not just copywriters the don’t need to see in person. They don’t need the full marketing team to show up either.

Let’s say that you’re based in Omaha, Nebraska (a lovely city), and you want the best marketing work for your company. The best work that you’ve seen from your competitors comes from Richmond, Virginia, and Atlanta, London, Edinburgh, and hey, whata ya know, Columbus, Ohio.

Then ask yourself: do you want someone to play golf with or do you want terrific, effective marketing.

Welcome to the 21st century. We live and work online. It doesn’t really matter where we sit, does it?


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