The Happy Writer

11.11.2013 writing

Can happy artists create? Do you need to have a tortured life in order to become a great artist? I don’t believe that. I find that writers, artists, need curiosity. They need to develop an artistic vision, a way of seeing the world and expressing that vision. And they need to work at their art […]

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Two Years

08.16.2011 Art

Two years ago I left the world of full time employment. Let’s just say that the full time working world was as much done with me as I was with it. I was wrung out, used up, and exhausted. The first thing I did was set up this blog and create a goal for myself: […]

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Happy In The Same Way

05.23.2011 Books and Literature

Tolstoy was wrong. Happiness can take many forms. But drama calls for conflict. Stories of happy individuals, let alone happy families, are very difficult to write. You often see happy people portrayed as simpletons, oblivious to the true nature of life. Tragedy is much easier to write about than simple, domestic happiness. Melodrama can hold an audience […]

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