Modern Marketing 101: There Are No Domains But .Com

by Randy Murray on July 28, 2014

I’ve recently been bombarded with messages encouraging me to secure a domain with various dot extensions.

I particularly like .ninja, but I won’t be getting one.

As far as non-technical professionals are concerned, all web sites end in dot com. EDU and GOV domains are confusing to the general population. They don’t really see them at all. Country coding is long and frustrating. The ordinary U.S. consumer simply thinks that “web site” means dot com.

Don’t fight it. Live with it. And forget about the cutesy domain names. Stick with .com.

I advise clients who are frustrated that they can’t get a domain that they had in mind to pick another, something short, easy to spell. Something evocative. Anything, really, as long as it ends in dot com. We can build a brand and message for a new, sensible domain. But if you pick something other than .com your consumers will still end up at whatever site does end in .com.



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