The Nobility Of Earning A Living

by Randy Murray on October 10, 2013

Wealth is largely an accident. There is nothing to celebrate or congratulate about someone becoming wealthy.

But there is honor in work. There is something to be admired in expertise and competence. I am impressed and often amazed when I see someone do a job, virtually any job, really, really well.

Inherited wealth is very nice for those who receive it, but it does not grant them wisdom or knowledge. I do find great nobility in those who take jobs serving others. It’s a wide range of professions, from janitors to surgeons. And I find the least honorable way to make a living is manipulating financial instruments.

As an artist, as someone who strives at their art, I respect and honor other artists who make sacrifices for their art, who take jobs outside their field to earn a living, and who still find a way to make their art.

Nobility doesn’t come from birth. It is not bestowed with wealth. Nobility comes from selfless dedication. It comes from separating the pay from the work.

It comes from doing more than just enough.

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