Work’n For A Living

by Randy Murray on October 9, 2013

Being an artist is not a life of leisure. Artists do not spend their lives at play. Making art is work. I find that it takes great effort, both mental and physical effort, to be a successful artist.

It’s not a profession for wimps.

The arts are not a profession for those who require a big salary. Or a salary at all. There are a few jobs in the arts, but not many. For the rest of us we have to find a way to earn a living with the tools of our artistic training. Some teach. Many of us work in marketing.

That’s OK. Throughout history very few have ever made much money at the arts. The very top artists of any age typically worked inside institutions (like the church) or had rich patrons. Actors and theater people were looked on as little better than vagabonds.

I find it honorable and right for artists to work at something to make money and still make their art. The reward is the art, not the paycheck.

We artists work for a living. I’m happy to be among the ranks of the working artists.

Sing it Huey.

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