The Freelancer’s Every Day Carry (EDC)

03.05.2014 freelance

I am fascinated by pictures of what people carry in their pockets or bags. EDC is one of my favorite web sites. But I’m a freelance writer. I work out of my home office. My EDC is two things: my iPhone and a tube of Chapstick. When I’m out and about in the world the […]

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Work’n For A Living

10.09.2013 Art

Being an artist is not a life of leisure. Artists do not spend their lives at play. Making art is work. I find that it takes great effort, both mental and physical effort, to be a successful artist. It’s not a profession for wimps. The arts are not a profession for those who require a […]

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In The Mirror

05.08.2013 Family

I’ve reached that age when I sometimes look into the mirror and see my grandfathers. Both of them are there. It’s a strange but comforting thing. My Grandpa Murray died in 1967 when I was just seven years old. My grandparents on the Murray were our closest neighbors. We lived in my great-grandfather’s house. The […]

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Falling In Love With Field Notes

07.17.2012 GTD

I’m late to the game, but I am head over heels about Field Notes memo books. I’ve been using the Levenger Shirt Pocket Briefcase and 3×5 note cards for many, many years. It’s a wonderful way to capture ideas or to make a note and hand it to someone else. Whenever I wear a sports […]

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Five Predictions About Your Future - #4: You Will Own A Farm

06.23.2011 Environment

I make no commentary on whether these predictions are for good or ill. When I look into the future this is what I see. In the future, perhaps not so long from now, the food you eat will come from somewhere you could visit by traveling less than an hour, perhaps very close to where […]

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