The Frugal Man’s Dilemma: I Really Like Buying Things

05.07.2014 freelance

As a freelance writer I’ve long advised and counseled others to keep their overhead low, to live frugally, and to play the Spend Nothing Game. I suck at playing the Spend Nothing Game. And I’m the one who invented it. As I’ve gotten older I’ve been saved from my desire to acquire by one basic […]

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The Freelancer’s Haircut

03.20.2014 freelance

“Done with work today?” she asked as she swept the cape over me and snapped it behind my neck. It was just before three o’clock and the barber shop was empty. “Just done with work,” I replied. “Altogether?” “Yep,” I said. She looked to be a bit older than me, but I’m not that great […]

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The Freelancer’s Every Day Carry (EDC)

03.05.2014 freelance

I am fascinated by pictures of what people carry in their pockets or bags. EDC is one of my favorite web sites. But I’m a freelance writer. I work out of my home office. My EDC is two things: my iPhone and a tube of Chapstick. When I’m out and about in the world the […]

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Winning At Freelancing: The Guilt Free Three Hour Lunch

11.14.2013 Business

One of the things that I promised myself when I left the world of full-time employment was that I would never again punch a clock. Being a freelancer, or “gainfully unemployed,” is a blessing to me. And I choose to focus on the “free” part. I have plenty of client work, but I don’t have […]

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Freelancers & Retirement: Invest, Don’t Just Save

11.12.2013 Business

For more than a few years I was a business manager. One of the most difficult things that I tried to do, and mostly failed at, was to convince employees to invest part of their earnings. I tried saying, “Every PRE TAX dollar that you set aside for your future will be matched by the […]

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