Don’t Be a Jerk: Litterbugs

04.30.2014 Environment

It’s simple: don’t throw trash out of your vehicle. I can’t express how deeply it saddens me to drive down almost any highway and see not a single view without some trash marring the landscape. Who are these idiots, these assholes, who can’t be bothered to hang on to their refuse until their next stop near […]

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Breathe The Salt Air

08.14.2013 Environment

I grew up on the prairie and was blanketed in smells, most of them unpleasant. Cow manure, burnt gas and sludge from the surrounding oil fields, the diesel back-blast of a hot tractor are all clear and powerful remembered scents. But there were also the pleasant, evocative smells of growing things, the ripening corn, the […]

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Rain Gardens Redux

11.01.2012 Environment

If you’re interested in making a real green impact where you live you should think about building a rain garden. What’s a rain garden? It’s basically a bit of landscaping that’s dug down into the ground rather than placed on top of a mound. It collects and rain water and limits the runoff that can […]

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An Observer From Shenzhen—Thoughts on Apple’s Recent Bad Press

02.02.2012 Business

I’ve been following the recent articles and reports on Apple and manufacturing in China. I’ve heard some ugly terms thrown about, including “slavery.” If true, it’s shocking and disappointing. But I fear that it is a mix of hyperbole, cultural differences, and yes, some worker abuses. Apple appears to be doing the right things to […]

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Tips To Break Your Online Addiction: Clean Something

09.28.2011 Environment

There is always something that needs to be cleaned. If you’re in your workplace, your computer, your desk, the things that surround you, they all get filthy over time. If you’re at home, cleaning is a never-ending task. So make it a positive experience. If you’re struggling with online addictions, then make a note of […]

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