The Nobility Of Earning A Living

10.10.2013 Art

Wealth is largely an accident. There is nothing to celebrate or congratulate about someone becoming wealthy. But there is honor in work. There is something to be admired in expertise and competence. I am impressed and often amazed when I see someone do a job, virtually any job, really, really well. Inherited wealth is very […]

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Work’n For A Living

10.09.2013 Art

Being an artist is not a life of leisure. Artists do not spend their lives at play. Making art is work. I find that it takes great effort, both mental and physical effort, to be a successful artist. It’s not a profession for wimps. The arts are not a profession for those who require a […]

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Making A Living At Your Art Requires Great Competence

10.08.2013 Art

If you want to make money from your art and only your art you can follow one of two paths: you can get lucky or you can get good. I can’t do anything about the luck. That has more to do with winning the genetic lottery and a number of other factors generally not within […]

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The Higher Calling Of Art

10.07.2013 Art

I am an artist. I am a writer and playwright. My two daughters are artists. One is a musician and the other a painter. I know many artists at many different stages of their development. When I hear an artist bemoan the fact that they can’t make a living doing their art I understand what […]

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Not Every Child Needs to Learn How To Code

07.16.2013 Technology

I’ve seen a lot of people talking lately about how important it is for every child to learn to program, to code. I disagree. I think that it’s very important for children to make art and music, to learn to read and write very well. I think that it’s essential that children learn that the […]

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