Ask For Books And Music

by Randy Murray on January 7, 2014

When it’s your turn to receive gifts, your birthday or any other special day, and friends and family ask you, “what do you want?” be prepared. Even when you can’t think of anything else, you can have a list of books and music prepared that you might enjoy.

It is very, very risky buying books and music for someone without a detailed list or without knowing them intimately. But when they tell you, “Here’s some books that I’d like,” you can give with confidence.

They’re going to ask—be prepared. It’s more pleasing for gift givers to give a thing than it is to just hand over a gift card. It’s more personal, even if they’ve been given instructions. I do give gift cards, but mainly because I don’t always know what books and music people really want. If they had a list, they’d get the thing, not the card.

Make your list. Keep it up to date. And enjoy the books and music.

In case you were wondering, here’s my list!

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