Simple Productivity Task Of The Day: Pull Some Weeds

06.02.2011 GTD

Go outside and pull a few weeds. Do not check your email. Do not tweet about pulling weeds. Take no photos. When you’re done, you can go back to your desk and do all of these things. At you’ll have at least pulled a few weeds. Now look at your desk, your desktop, your work [...]

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It’s OK To Miss Things

05.19.2011 GTD

Did you see that program last night? Have you been following X’s tweets? Do you believe what Y wrote on Facebook? No, you did not. You cannot possibly watch, read, listen to, or participate in everything.  You just can’t. So quit beating yourself up about it or trying to do it all. I’m not recommending [...]

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The Writing Assignments Seminar: Teach Your Team To Write Better

04.06.2011 blogging

I write for others. That’s my business. And in the course of business I often talk with business owners, managers, and leaders. They frequently tell me how much they wish that they could write better, more easily and clearly. They want that for their employees, too. I’m not worried about being replaced by companies filled [...]

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Good Things To Read: The Read & Trust Premium Newsletter

04.04.2011 Books and Literature

If there’s anyone out there who has more active projects than I do it’s Aaron Mahnke. He’s a talented designer (he designed the logo, cover, and layout of my book, Writing Assignments) and works with many clients at his company, Wet Frog Studios. He just published his own book, The Hand of Andulain. And he’s [...]

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