Five Predictions About Your Future - #3: You Will Move To The City

by Randy Murray on June 22, 2011

I make no commentary on whether these predictions are for good or ill. When I look into the future this is what I see.

Sometime soon you will move to and live in the city (if you do not already).

You will not own a car. You will be able to walk or take mass transportation to work and everywhere you need to go. The space where you live will modest, appropriate for city living. It will not exceed 1,000 square feet.

You will not store the collected objects of your entire life where you live. You won’t store them at all.

Within your city you’ll find and use more natural spaces, more nature, than you currently do. Not far from this city you’ll find and use large and undeveloped (possibly truly “un-developed” land that was once built upon) places and you’ll visit them often.

The food you eat will come from within the city itself or from very nearby. It will be fresh, untainted, abundant, and available in a wide variety.

This city will be quiet, clean, and safe. It will seem active, but not crowded. It may have only a few thousand inhabitants, or it may have millions.

You will spend less time in the evenings cloistered in your home, in front of a screen. You’ll spend more time out with friends or even by yourself. Your home will be a place of rest, not of refuge. You’ll spend much more time at the library, in open public forums and spaces, and you’ll see and hear much more live music, performing arts, and even speeches.

And it is likely that you, your friends, and family, will live the remainder of their lives within this city. Few people will move.

Some people envision an apocalyptic future, or perhaps, a bit more hopefully, a post-apocalyptic one. I foresee a non-apocalyptic one.

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Frank June 22, 2011 at 11:43 pm

I’d love to see a future like that one you described, but nowadays nothing supports that optimistic vision. I believe in the apocalyptic times. :-)


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