The Writing Assignments Seminar: Teach Your Team To Write Better

by Randy Murray on April 6, 2011

I write for others. That’s my business. And in the course of business I often talk with business owners, managers, and leaders. They frequently tell me how much they wish that they could write better, more easily and clearly. They want that for their employees, too.

I’m not worried about being replaced by companies filled with writers. There are plenty that still need my specialized writing skills. But I do understand the need. And I’ve worn the business manager hat for many years and completely understand how projects never get off the ground, slow, or fail, all because of poor communication.

And I’ve done something about it: The Writing Assignments Seminar.

I’ve created a new, one-day seminar to help organizations and small groups inspire their staffs and give them a set of tools and approaches that can improve the way they write, interact, and communicate.

Give me one day and I can turn a group of people who hate writing into a team that’s enthusiastic and eager to improve all of their written communications, from emails to project plans and documentation. Each one will leave the seminar with a common set of goals, tools, and a shared understanding of how important writing clearly is to their personal success and towards reaching their teams’ and organizations’ goals.

I can deliver this seminar to your small group in person or to larger groups (via webcasting). And I can tailor this seminar to your specific needs.  All attendees will receive a free eBook copy of my book, Writing Assignments and paperback editions are available at a discount for group purchases. I can also deliver more in-depth, personalized training and coaching as well.

If you and your team need this kind of help I’d love to talk with you about the Writing Assignment Seminar. Send me an email to [email protected] and tell me about your specific writing and communications problems. I’d love to help you and your teams become confident, effective writers.


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