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The Editorial Calendar: The First Step To Predictable Blog Publishing Success

04.14.2011 blogging

Becoming a successful blogger is easy: write interesting things, write them well, and publish with a predictable frequency, all for a specific audience. And have a way for them to find you. OK, perhaps not so easy. But here’s one thing that can help you get started: use an editorial calendar. I understand that many [...]

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Blogging Tip: Use An Editorial Calendar

10.07.2010 blogging

For many, publishing a blog is a stream of consciousness event. Something occurs to the writer, they dash it off in a streak of enthusiasm, and they immediately publish it. I’ve advised against this and have written about the benefits of writing, waiting, and editing. There’s an important tool that has been used by newspapers [...]

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Work Ahead – Planned, Considered Blogging

04.27.2010 Business

Writing is hard work – don’t let anyone tell you it’s not. And for those of us who publish blogs regularly, it can be difficult to produce fresh, thoughtful material on a regular schedule. I publish five days a week without exception. And it is work. It’s enjoyable, but it’s work. And it can be [...]

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The Art of The Ghostblogger

11.17.2009 Business

Businesses are finally getting the word: social media is becoming social marketing. That’s good news. The not so good news is that most business leaders don’t have a clue about how to get started, how to keep it going, and how to make it a central part of the marketing and communications strategy. And an [...]

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