Writing Assignment: Confront An Addiction

by Randy Murray on September 30, 2011

Do you think you spend too much time online? Do you eat too much, or eat too much junk food? Do you kick yourself for playing games for hours on end? Do you watch way too much TV?

You know what behaviors you have that are destructive and wasteful. But have you really admitted it to yourself?

I talk with people about writing and this is what I consistently hear: “I’d love to write, but I don’t have the time.” If I press them, I can usually uncover things that they do that suck up their time and energy, but that they don’t really care about. They feed their addictions and neglect their dreams.

You can make a lot of progress as a writer for under one hour a day. But you’ll never get that hour if you obsessively waste your time in other ways.

To free up your time you’ll need to examine your life and confront yourself about the time you waste doing unimportant, unhelpful things. You’ll need to stand up and say what you’re addicted to. And you’ll have to work to break the addiction. It won’t be easy.

But you can do it. Short of clinical obsession and addiction, you can make the small changes that will help you to gradually change your behavior. But only if you directly confront those behaviors.

For today’s assignment, one that you’ll write just for yourself, clearly identify one personal behavior that you have that you feel is keeping you from doing something you’d rather do. Write clearly about the behavior, detailing the time you spend doing it, when you do it, and what you gain from it. When you’ve completed that, write a short series of steps that you believe will help you modify your behavior and lead you to your goals.

This is a good exercise to repeat at least twice a year.


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