It’s OK To Have Strong Opinions, But Try And Change Your Own Mind

by Randy Murray on October 31, 2011

Here’s a simple test to see if you are an intelligent being and not a robot or a mindless automaton:

Take something that you have a strong opinion about and ask yourself, honestly, if you could be wrong.

Intelligent, thinking beings challenge their own beliefs and ideas frequently. They take in new information. They sometimes change their minds.

Strong, evidence based opinions are good things. An intelligent being can present their arguments as well as listen to others questions and queries. And sometimes, they change their minds.

Robots, those held in thrall and enslaved, cannot change their minds.

That’s a shame.

A strong opinion, well tested and examined frequently, is worth defending. But listen carefully as you mount your defense. Welcome the opportunity to be proven wrong, to discover that “this turns out to not be correct.” Celebrate new discoveries. And boldly change your mind. Reorder your understanding of the universe.


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