Writing Assignment: Write A Letter To Yourself

by Randy Murray on October 26, 2012

Letters are one of the most ancient forms of communicating across time and space. Even today where we can stay in almost constant contact when hundreds of people, an actual, physical letter is something unique and special.

Letters remain truly special. It is evidence that the writer stopped and took the time to compose their thoughts and make an effort to communicate with you. It can be one of the most personal and lasting forms of communication.

But letters don’t have to be something that you do for other people. A letter to oneself can also be a unique and special thing. It contains that same distilled effort and focused attention. For the writer it can be a way to see one’s own state of mind and to measure one’s growth as a crafter of sentences.

For today’s assignment, write a letter to yourself. There are absolutely no bounds to this letter. You can ask yourself questions, you can test your own thoughts and ideas, you can pour out your emotions and write the things that you cannot say to others.

But you might want to start with a short letter. I suggest an introduction. Think of yourself as a new pen pal. Tell yourself who you are, where you live, and what you do. Describe the people around you. And most importantly, invite yourself to write back.

For bonus points, write back.


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