Writing Assignment: What’s For Dinner?

by Randy Murray on November 4, 2011

People often tell me, “I don’t know what to write about!” This comes from not writing often. If you write daily, ideas will come to you. You won’t be able to stop the ideas that bubble up. When people ask you “where do you get your ideas,” you’ll tell them, “I don’t know, they just come!”

To get started, it’s useful to write about the things around you, the things you do everyday. Eating and food may be the most easily accessible and inexhaustible subjects for the writer. Food comes in virtually infinite variety. And ways of cooking, the preparation of food, is even more numerous.

Anyone, anywhere, can start writing immediately by asking one simple question: What’s for supper?

The answer may be simple: nothing. In that case, write about why, and in the absence of food, what do you most desire, most long for. For those of you not deprived of sustenance, be specific. Write about the meal, what it’s composed of, what the taste makes you think of, feel, and remember. How much work was it to prepare? Exactly how did you or the cook go about fixing the meal? What did you talk about while eating it. Even if you’re having the same thing again and again, there’s something to say about that.

And then ask the question that I ask every night when my wife and I have finished eating, “What do you want for dinner tomorrow?”

The practicing writer can do much with a single subject repeated over and over. And what could be a better subject than dinner?

For today’s assignment, write about what’s for dinner.

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