No Time To Write Equals No Time To Think

by Randy Murray on November 3, 2011

There are times when I get very busy and I simply don’t take time to write. Times, like when I’m traveling, or others when I don’t feel good. And I’ve found that after these intervals, when I do sit down to write, I almost immediately feel better, refreshed and more alert.

Why is that? I strongly believe that the time spent writing is also time spent thinking clearly. It exercises the mental muscles. And writing and thinking exorcises the demons. Taking the time to write, daily, is taking the time to sort out ideas, to organize them clearly, and to think. For me, this is key to my mental health.

For all of you that say, “I don’t have time to write,” I can only tell you this: no matter how busy you are, the time you spend writing will be paid back to you many fold. It’s the same as physical exercise: you come out stronger and more energetic than when you went in. Writing is a discipline. Even if you never publish a word, writing is a tool that thinking people use to help them think clearly. Yes, you can think without writing, you can even develop great thoughts, working them our carefully in your head or through discussion. But nothing is better than seeing your ideas on the page, testing them, improving them.

If you aspire to be wise, then you must write. I’m rewarded every time I set down at my keyboard or take up a pen. I’m certain that you will be as well.

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