by Randy Murray on April 28, 2011

Perspective is a hell of a thing.

Here at 51 I can see that at 25 I did have a voice. I wasn’t sure then and I may have doubted it across the years, but now it’s clear. I always have had one.

In my 30s I learned an important lesson: sometimes it’s important to shut up.

Is it true that one’s 40s reveals true adulthood? I’m not so sure. For me this was a time of seeing just how far I could push down the wrong paths. Not too far, thankfully.

And now a return to self, reveling in role of the outsider, the observer, the commentator. More time for introspection, for contemplation, and as a result, better work and new opportunities, as well as old opportunities made new again.

Some see this as a time of diminishing opportunities. I see the possibilities of decades of new work and exploration.

Perspective indeed.

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