Writing Assignment: Write The Other Side Of An Argument

05.23.2014 writing

One of the keenest signs of intelligence is the ability to adopt and argue the other side of an argument without necessarily believing in it or supporting it. Those who have been trained in debate know how difficult it is to do it well. Take a controversial subject, assign viewpoints at random, and then present a […]

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Writing Assignment: Write About Yourself From Someone Else’s Perspective

04.25.2014 writing

O wad some Pow’r the giftie gie usTo see oursels as ithers see us! * Or, in easier to parse standard English, And would some Power the small gift give usTo see ourselves as others see us! Writers often practice writing in the first person. It’s direct. We know what’s in our own heads (to some […]

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04.14.2014 writing

I. The most natural and simple way for a writer to express thoughts. I did this. I thought this. I saw this. Here’s a simple exercise for writers: pick a simple incident that you’ve personally witnessed and write about it with a focus on that single personal pronoun. I. Today, write focusing on yourself. What […]

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Perspective, Opinion, and Point Of View (POV)

05.02.2013 writing

I started another article about the importance of understanding and questioning perspective. I think there is probably some significant confusion over just what perspective is. So today I’ll present a brief primer on the critical differences between perspective, opinion, and point of view and why writers must master these distinctions. I see a lot of […]

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Writing Assignment: Write The Story Of A Day

02.22.2013 writing

A single day of life can seem completely uneventful or can have enough activity and incidents to fill a thick volume. Ask James Joyce about that. There’s more to a day of life than a series of events. There’s a story. Even for writers, many days go by uneventfully, unexamined. But each day of life […]

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