Writing Assignment: Dream Of Lottery Winnings

by Randy Murray on April 29, 2011

For some, a one dollar investment is a chance to dream of wealth and happiness. The odds are stacked against you, but for a moment, you have the same chances as everyone else of winning it all. The greater the jackpot, the greater the chance to expand your dreams.

Some dream safe, small dreams of paying off debt, buying a house and living quietly. Others use the opportunity to daydream about travel and living like the rich and famous. Few think about the realities of managing wealth or the pressures of a radically changed life. The dream is a grand “what if?”

In today’s assignment, imagine you have a chance at a $100 million dollar tax free jackpot. What would you do with your winnings? How would you change your life and maybe others around you? Let your readers experience your dream and what you think life without the concerns of making a living would be like.

Here’s my example:

OK, here’s my plan. First, I’d take $5 million and find a way to invest it so that it’s safe and would produce a guaranteed lifetime income and not allow me to change the plan or get at the principal. This is the failsafe plan, incase I go crazy and blow all of the other money.

Next, I’d set up a annuity or fund of some sort and provide all of my family, down through first cousins, a yearly grant of no more the $20,000. That’s an amount that should make their lives potentially easier, but not allow them to do nothing at all.

Once that’s established, I’d get to work on my physical self, working daily with a personal trainer and dietitian, remaking my body to the best possible state of health, strength, and limited pain. I’d go for a new wardrobe and have my suits and shirts custom made. I might indulge myself and start wearing vests everywhere, just so I could collect and wear antique pocket watches.

I’d get a small but nice apartment in Manhattan, maybe another in London.  And definitely a mountaintop villa in the Caribbean where we’d spend a few months every year.

I’d then take another $5 million and set up a full test of an idea I’ve had for a small town community theater/media hub. If I can make it work and make it self-sustaining I’d operate it as a franchise and set up additional ones and build up fundraising to go beyond what I can personally finance. I’d produce my own plays and try and encourage new playwrights to develop new work, never intended for a Broadway stage, but worthy of production.

And I’d keep writing this blog.

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