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04.04.2011 Books and Literature

If there’s anyone out there who has more active projects than I do it’s Aaron Mahnke. He’s a talented designer (he designed the logo, cover, and layout of my book, Writing Assignments) and works with many clients at his company, Wet Frog Studios. He just published his own book, The Hand of Andulain. And he’s [...]

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Books Over Blogs

03.31.2011 blogging

“Books are the new business cards,” I’m told. I also hear that “books are dead.” “Nobody reads any more.” “I don’t have time to read books.” For me, reading books is like breathing, necessary to maintain life and sanity. I’ve come to understand that a book isn’t the paper it’s printed on. A book isn’t [...]

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Reading, Not Surfing

03.30.2011 blogging

The universe is filled with endlessly fascinating things. You could spend all of your days jumping from one thing to the next. And you can spend hours here and there surfing from topic to topic. Or you can spend an hour reading, exploring something in depth. Some claim that “blogging is dead” or that books [...]

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