The Art Of No: Holiday Edition

by Randy Murray on November 8, 2010

My recent article, Divide Your Attention – Say No To Others, Say No To Yourself, connected with a lot of people. I think it’s an especially important topic as we enter the holiday season.

In the past few years the holidays seem to start with Halloween, kick into gear November 1st, and are a rocket ride right through the end of the year. It’s so easy to become overwhelmed, stressed, and exhausted trying to do everything, let alone keep up with the demands of everyday work and family needs.

I was pleased to be invited to speak about how to say no to all this on the Boomer Alley Radio program and enjoyed speaking with the hosts, Marc Sotkin and Sharon Glassman.

One of the things I talk about on the program is a simple strategy that you can put into place now. Write your holiday wish list, but not the one where you ask for presents. On this list, put down what you want out of the holidays, how you want to feel, and what you want to do. Decide what is important to you up front. Then be prepared to say no to everything else.

For example, you might put on your list that you want to spend time with friend and family. Why wait? Spend time with them now! Or schedule time AFTER the holidays so you can relax and focus on each other. If you’re invited to too many parties, be prepared to say no, but also be prepared to offer to get together with the person that invited you at a different time, perhaps after the holidays. Find something you both want to do, together.

If you’re worried about spending too much money on gifts or if you’re afraid you’re giving things your friends and family won’t want or like, ask yourself why you’re giving these gifts, what you want the recipient to feel by receiving them, and what you want to feel by giving them. Knowing what you want for them and what you want for yourself will help you cut through the stress and anxiety.

You can hear me talk about these strategies and more, including what you can gain by saying no for the holidays (which also applies year round) in my six-minute segment: The Cruising Through The Holidays Show.

For those of you who only read my words, here’s your chance to hear my voice!

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