How To Recommend A Book

05.09.2011 Books and Literature

In preparation for launching Patrick Rhone’s new book, Keeping It Straight there were a LOT of materials to prepare. One of them you might not have seen is the standard Press Release. Penny does all of the editing, both here at First Today, Then Tomorrow, and also for First Today Press. She noted, quite rightly, […]

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Three Secrets Of Dealing With The Press

10.13.2010 Business

While I am a strong advocate of the power of social media, working with the conventional press is still one of the most effective ways to spread your message and attract attention to your cause, product, or service. Working with the press is an important skill that many people simply don’t possess. But it’s not […]

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3DTV Takes Over? Not Quite Yet

07.07.2010 Future

Sometimes I see press releases and pronouncements that make such ridiculous claims that I have to stop and think about what they’re saying. This one claims that by 2013 that a full 86% of Plasma TVs will be 3D versions. On closer thought, they may be right, but it probably doesn’t mean what you might […]

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Why do businesses need to blog and tweet?

03.31.2010 Uncategorized

The Week of Why continues! This may seem a bit like preaching to the choir, but this bears some consideration: why do businesses need to blog and tweet? If you’re a blogger or a heavy Twitter user, you may think it’s obvious. But to many small and medium business owners it is far from clear. […]

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