So Much Music — iTunes Match & Life In The Cloud

11.21.2011 Future

I’m completely giddy over iTunes Match. I love music. As soon as iTunes was first released in January of 2001 I started ripping all of my CDs into an online collection. I also borrowed CDs from friends, libraries, and anywhere I could get my hands on them. Both of my daughters are musicians and music [...]

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Tips To Break Your Online Addiction: Make Music

09.29.2011 Music

One of the oldest and most fundamental human experiences is the making of music. Music is literally tied to the rhythm of our hearts, to the vibrations of our environments, and to the sounds of breathing, living, and moving. Listening to music is wonderful, but nothing compares to the experience of making music yourself. Making [...]

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Keep Your Children Fearless

07.13.2011 Family

When Kathleen was home recently she pulled out the home movies that I’d transferred to DVD. I don’t think I’d looked at them other than to check to make sure that the transfer was good. We sat down as she skipped through movies taken when she was very little. I was thin, my hair still [...]

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