I Don’t Just Write, I Translate (& I Speak Only English)

11.01.2011 Business

I’m a professional writer. There’s really only one qualification for that: other people pay you for what you write. You can have any training or background and as long as you can convince someone to pay you for writing, you’re a pro. If you can get paid on a regular basis, you’ll be a successful [...]

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Customer Service Is More Than Giving The Customer Everything That They Want

10.19.2011 Business

Yesterday I wrote about my chair. Here’s another story about it (welcome to ChairTalk). When I bought the chair at Staples, I did something I typically avoid doing: I bought the extended warranty. Why? Because the salesperson made a very convincing pitch: for $25 they would cover the $200 chair for two years for ANYTHING [...]

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Business Blogging: Tweet For The Moment, Blog For The Ages

07.07.2011 blogging

I’m a big fan of Twitter. I’m sure part of it is the instant gratification of seeing people respond to something that I’ve written and maybe even passing it on to others. But I also find it frustrating. It’s like being at a cocktail party and finding that you’ve said something really witty, but only [...]

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