Writing Assignment: A Pause Amidst Madness

by Randy Murray on November 25, 2011

It’s Black Friday and the rush to the holidays is approaching warp speed. That can be a distraction. The universe conspires to distract and slow down writers. Strike a blow against entropy! Use that rush as an energizer, an excuse to write.

You can carve out time to pause, reflect and write virtually anywhere. If you stop just a moment and watch the madness around you, you’ll likely discover how fascinating it is to be apart from the rat race and find yourself quiet, calm, an observer. And you’ll find no shortage of things to write about.

For today’s assignment, when you find yourself in pubic or in a busy place, find somewhere to sit, apart from the crowd. Watch, listen, and observe as much as you can for a few minutes. Then take out your pen and notebook (which, of course, you, as a writer, always carry with you), and write a series of short observations about what you’ve seen and heard.


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