Keys To Managing Others

by Randy Murray on October 5, 2011

Today you’ll find my daily post over at A Better Freelancer. This site, run by the ever entrepenural Aaron Mahnke, is a great resource for those of us who work on our own, or “without a net” as I like to call it.

So please zip on over to read my contribution. It’s called “Keys To Managing Others.”

Here’s an excerpt:

You can’t dictate a goal to another freelancer, but you can talk with them and create a goal that you both share. To do this, you have to be exceptionally clear about that goal and describe it in a way that’s completely unambiguous. Think in pictures. A way to test this is come up with standards of measure that can be used to test “how will I know when I’ve achieved the goal?” For example, don’t just say, “we need to increase sales.” Instead, create a clear goal that includes that test measure, something like, “Our current sales are ten thousand dollars a month. We need to increase that to over fifteen thousand dollars a month by May 1st while increasing our overall costs by no more than ten percent.”  That goal statement removes problems and troubling little points like, increase by how much, over what time period, and at what cost. There is one vague statement in that goal that could be better, too. Can you find it?*

I hope you’ll read and benefit from it.

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