October 2010

Writing Assignment: Replace A Light Bulb

10.29.2010 Uncategorized

How many writers does it take to replace a light bulb? Apparently I’m the only one around here who can perform what must be a complex and technical task. Frankly, I’d rather sit in the dark. At least I’d have something to complain about. A simple task, even one that is avoided, is an opportunity [...]

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Simple Productivity Task Of The Day: Look Out The Window For Five Minutes

10.28.2010 GTD

Today’s task is designed to help you become more productive and it is deceptively simple: get up from your desk or workspace and find a window. Stand there and look through the window for a full five minutes. The task is to help you reset your mind, help you let go of the tension and [...]

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Apple Kills The CD, But Portable, Offline Media Is Still Important

10.27.2010 Future

Apple is once again the harbinger of death to what is currently a ubiquitous technology. They’ve done it to the floppy disc and now they are doing it to the CD. Is kill too strong a word? I think not. When Apple (and by Apple I mean Steve Jobs) takes a dislike to something, few [...]

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The Talent Code: A Review and Recommendation

10.26.2010 Art

Daniel Coyle claims that “Greatness isn’t born, it’s grown.” It’s a bold claim and a tantalizing one. Genius and world-class talent has a mystical quality. Some even call it transcendent. We laud those few intellectual giants who can accomplish things that are seemingly beyond the abilities of any others. They’re found in all endeavors: science, [...]

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A Code For Movie Audiences

10.25.2010 Uncategorized

In order to insure a pleasant experience and to prevent potential and justifiable injury from angry spectators, please conform to this simple code. No talking during the feature presentation. Laughing, exclamations, and clapping is welcomed and encouraged when it’s appropriate. If you do not know when it is appropriate, stay home and watch TV. Talking [...]

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