Modern Marketing 101: What Is Content Marketing?

by Randy Murray on June 18, 2014

Content is all of the stuff you see and hear. It’s the images, sounds, and words on your site.

Easy, right? Content Marketing is just what we’ve always been doing.

Not so much. For the most part, Google only really cares about the words*. So yes, having video can be very effective, but having really good copy is even better. It can bring you better rankings which will mean that more people can find you.

So what’s the big deal about content and content marketing?

Content marketing is a contract interested parties, people who are your customers and people who may be your customers in the future. People, not the companies that they work for. Companies aren’t particularly interested in your content, but the people who make decisions, people who struggle with problems that you might be able to help them with, they are very, very interested in learning a little more today. And every day that follows.

The goal: become their trusted source for information and they’ll buy from you. It’s a contract.

Make that contract. Promise them, “We’ll bring you new and useful (and sometimes entertaining) information frequently.” And in return you might learn more about these prospects by collecting a bit more about them, correlating that with the things that you know from others, and present them with what will likely be something of interest. With luck, they’ll respond back. You’ll learn what they need. You’ll learn how they make decisions. You might even learn how to sell to them and others like them. You will, of course, need a Marketing Automation System, another expense, and a topic for another day. And every day that follows.

Content marketing is not cheap or easy. It is very effective. And more than that, it’s what Google is looking for, as well as your future customers.


*Here’s a tip for getting the best results out of your videos: host your videos on (owned by Google, of course), and add subtitles and closed captioning to every video. Google can index those WORDS and it can dramatically improve your ranking performance.


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