Modern Marketing 101: What Is Content Marketing?

06.18.2014 blogging

Content is all of the stuff you see and hear. It’s the images, sounds, and words on your site. Easy, right? Content Marketing is just what we’ve always been doing. Not so much. For the most part, Google only really cares about the words*. So yes, having video can be very effective, but having really […]

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Living In The Future, Keeping It In Your Pocket

02.28.2012 Future

I bought a new camera the other day. It doesn’t matter which one—they change so rapidly. It literally took me months to make up my mind and choose one. I find digital cameras frustrating. When I was a kid I got a good quality 35mm camera and used it for over twenty years. It was […]

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Working The French Press: Great Coffee, Easy - Video

09.07.2011 Food and Cooking

Here’s a short instructional video on how to use a French Press to make great tasting coffee. Making Coffee: The French Press from Randy Murray on Vimeo.

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Keep Your Children Fearless

07.13.2011 Family

When Kathleen was home recently she pulled out the home movies that I’d transferred to DVD. I don’t think I’d looked at them other than to check to make sure that the transfer was good. We sat down as she skipped through movies taken when she was very little. I was thin, my hair still […]

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Forty Minutes With My Daughter – Why Facetime Is The First Consumer Videoconferencing That Works

09.27.2010 Family

I had two video conferencing experiences this week. One was exceptionally bad and the other was seamlessly wonderful. It led me to recall my experiences over the years with video conferencing and to think about where they’re going. I’d used commercial video conferencing systems for years. Most of them have been the very expensive (hundreds […]

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