Modern Marketing 101: What Is Content Marketing?

06.18.2014 blogging

Content is all of the stuff you see and hear. It’s the images, sounds, and words on your site. Easy, right? Content Marketing is just what we’ve always been doing. Not so much. For the most part, Google only really cares about the words*. So yes, having video can be very effective, but having really […]

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Clean Up Your Photo Library

12.24.2013 Good Ideas

Today I reviewed the stream of photos that I’d taken using my iPhone over the last twelve months. I’ve found that I use our dedicated camera less and less and my phone more and more to take pictures. But I also noticed something else. My photos are littered with little pictures that don’t need to […]

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Be Careful What You Publish

11.29.2011 blogging

Thank god the internet didn’t go public until I was an adult. There’s no online record of all of the stupid or dangerous or immature things I did in high school or college. Yes, some people may remember these things, but they’re damn liars. As they say, “Pictures or it didn’t happen.” It’s a different […]

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Simple Productivity Task Of The Day: Draw Your Day

11.15.2011 GTD

To-do lists are made of of words. Lot of words. Too many words. Your list may seem impossibly long. You’ll never get all of these things done. And sometimes, often, it’s hard to see how you’ll do any of them today. Seeing is the key word. Seeing your list as pictures might just help you […]

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