Modern Marketing 101: What Is Content Marketing?

06.18.2014 blogging

Content is all of the stuff you see and hear. It’s the images, sounds, and words on your site. Easy, right? Content Marketing is just what we’ve always been doing. Not so much. For the most part, Google only really cares about the words*. So yes, having video can be very effective, but having really […]

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Copywriting Secrets Learned From Playwrighting: The Beat

02.05.2014 blogging

One of the first things that all actors, directors, and playwrights learn is the concept of “the beat.” The beat is the molecular level of the play. It’s the smallest part that you can divide a play into which still has meaning (rather than the atomic level, which is the word). Beats give the play […]

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Copywriters Need Editors

06.24.2013 blogging

I write professionally for businesses. I’ve found that many businesses expect completely edited copy from copywriters. They call it “print ready.” And yet, this is not the most efficient way to produce great copy and is a misunderstanding of the role of copywriters. Remember when “web-masters” were thought to be able to code, design, and […]

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Creativity and Expository Writing

09.27.2012 blogging

I make my living as a writer. Some label me as a copywriter. That’s fine. But I think of the work that I do as expository writing. I write to educate, convince, or compel. I deal with logic, ideas, facts, and their relationship to emotions. And to do that takes a great deal of creativity. […]

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2012 WEBAWARD For Outstanding Achievement in Web Development

09.14.2012 Business

I don’t typically talk about my customers or mention them by name, but I’m very happy to break that rule today and feature one of them. As part of the team from The Morrison Agency in Atlanta, Georgia, we were recently awarded a 2012 WEBAWARD for Outstanding Achievement in Web Development from the Web Marketing Association. […]

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