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Content Marketing: Short Is Best Except When Long Form Is Better

03.10.2014 marketing

There’s a general admonition for content marketers that some take as the gospel truth, the law: readers like short, simple articles. It’s probably true. Except when readers are prospects, people who want to buy something big and complex and expensive. Or something inexpensive, but important to them. Then they want more information, in-depth, detailed, long […]

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Content Marketing: Publish Long-Form Content, But Don’t Expect People To Read It

01.23.2014 blogging

I’m going to let you in on a little marketing secret: you need long form content. You need in-depth articles, white papers, and even books and guides. But you don’t need them for the reasons you might think. Prospective customers love these in-depth and LONG materials. They typically don’t read them, but they love them. […]

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Working From An Outline – Better Writing and Clearer Thinking

05.12.2010 Business

I’ve been working on a series of white papers and technical briefs for a client and it has brought fresh to my mind the value of writing from an outline. You probably learned the approach in elementary school. And you probably struggled with and against it. But I know the value of it and I […]

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