Content Marketing: You’ve Got It Backwards—Pay Attention To Me!

by Randy Murray on March 11, 2014

Del, my cat, is nibbling at my fingers, patting me with his paw, and trying to draw my attention away from the keyboard and direct it towards him, where it belongs. At times like this he makes it very hard to write.

Think of Del as one of your prospects. He visits your site. He reads your articles and brochureware. He’s read all of your press release, award notices, and general brags about how great your company and products are.

And he’s nibbling at you, patting you softly with a paw. He’s trying to get your attention. He doesn’t need to hear anything else about you. He doesn’t care that you’re busy doing business.

What about him? Are you reacting to him in a personal, direct way? Are you ready to shift your focus from marketing to everyone to talking directly with him?

Your prospects may not be as persistent as Del. He bites. He insists on my attention. Your prospects will probably give up and go see if someone else will pay attention to them.

If your content marketing efforts do not have a way of turning from attracting attention to doing something once you’ve got that prospect you are wasting your money.

Don’t waste your money. Integrate your content marketing with your sales pipeline/funnel/process. Do something with the attention.

I have more to say, but Del won’t leave me alone.

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