Writing Assignment: Write a Note To Yesterday’s You

by Randy Murray on March 14, 2014

It’s easy to think of what we’d tell ourselves of ten or twenty years ago, but what would you have benefited from knowing yesterday?

Just one day ago. Twenty-four short hours in the past. What would you tell that person to do, to avoid, accomplish, to not bother with? What should you have eaten (or not eaten)?

Me, I should have left for the meeting ten minutes earlier. I should have taken the first exit, not the second. I should have remembered to take my morning pills (I am old and creaky).

I should have spent more time writing in the afternoon.

What do you have to tell yourself about yesterday?

For today’s assignment, write that note and detail all of the things that would have made the day better, go smoother, and made you feel great by the time you need to write this note a day later?

Don’t get fancy. Don’t try and change world history. Focus on yourself. Give yourself specific instructions. If there’s time, tell yourself why. Craft yesterday into the perfect day.

When you’re done, read it again and see if your instructions for yesterday will make today better.

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