The Writer’s Potential

by Randy Murray on March 12, 2014

Physics describes two basic types of energy: kinetic and potential.

Potential energy is energy stored in a system. A battery sitting on a counter top has two types of potential energy: the energy of the chemical components within that will produce electricity and the energy potential of it falling off the counter.

Kinetic energy is the energy of objects in motion.

A writer also has these two types of energy. I can be charged up, filled with ideas and intentions, but if I simply sit here that energy remains only potential.

But if I get moving, put words to the page, both my stored energies and the movement act together. Potential becomes real.

Sometimes there are explosions. Sometimes the movement is hard to detect. But I’m moving, writing.

What are you doing with your potential writing energy? Stop playing with your writing implements, your fancy notebooks, your dozens of writing applications.

Write something, dammit!

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