The Brain In The Jar

by Randy Murray on March 13, 2014

On the lower bookshelf of my office is an old jar. It is filled with brownish liquid. And floating in it is a great grey brain.

It’s a fake. I made it myself for some Halloween party. But it’s a reminder to me, the writer, that this is all I have to work with. I am a brain in a bottle, too.

The brain on my shelf is surrounded by books. Ideas. Stories. It’s just floating there, in its bottle, gathering dust.

I’m trying to not let the same thing happen to me. Surround me with books. Tell me stories. Share your ideas. But don’t let me do nothing. Don’t let me gather dust.

I have a few stories to tell, too. This brain in a jar is on the move.

What’s the one in your jar up to?

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