Sit Down And Give Me Five

09.18.2014 blogging

Yes, it’s hard to keep up with a publishing schedule. Five days a week, week after week. That’s exactly what I’ve been doing on this site for over five years. Five fresh articles every freak’n week. And each one of the a new thought. So hard. So stop whining about it and just do it […]

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Original Content: The Secret To Content Marketing Success

09.17.2014 blogging

Any idiot can link to something somewhere online. There is value in links and in referring people to interesting things, but it’s a limited value, especially when your goal is to sell something to someone. If your goal is sales, then referring your potential customers somewhere else is a losing game. “Hey, that guy over […]

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Forget About Going Viral—Work On Your Marketing Fundamentals

08.28.2014 marketing

“We want to create a viral video to drive our sales through the roof!” Yeah. Good luck with that. Viral is a fluke. Going viral is an accident. It’s totally unpredictable. And, for the most part, you can’t plan for or predict making something that will catch fire or go viral. Most intentional efforts to create […]

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Marketers, Start Your Engines. Begin Your 2015 Planning Today

08.27.2014 marketing

Ah, August, the dog days of summer. It’s such a relaxing time. But not if you’re serious about your marketing. This is the time to begin plotting out your 2015 marketing strategies. Why? Because it takes time to plot out a full strategy, boil that down into tactics, and to build a budget around all of […]

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