Inbox Zero The Easy Way

09.01.2014 Business

My wife has over 17,000 unread messages in her personal email inbox. It’s all pretty much ads, come of them years old. It makes me a little anxious every time I catch a glimpse of her phone and that amazingly high number highlighted in red. But she’s comfortable with it and I limit myself to an […]

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Writing Assignment: Write A Message To Yourself To Read One Hour From Now

08.29.2014 writing

Time travel is possible. You will not require a DeLorean and stolen plutonium. All you really need is a pen and paper. Writing, one of the most remarkable human achievements, is something that we created thousands of years ago. It’s the ability to transmit information across time. You can press marks into a piece of wet clay […]

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Forget About Going Viral—Work On Your Marketing Fundamentals

08.28.2014 marketing

“We want to create a viral video to drive our sales through the roof!” Yeah. Good luck with that. Viral is a fluke. Going viral is an accident. It’s totally unpredictable. And, for the most part, you can’t plan for or predict making something that will catch fire or go viral. Most intentional efforts to create […]

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Marketers, Start Your Engines. Begin Your 2015 Planning Today

08.27.2014 marketing

Ah, August, the dog days of summer. It’s such a relaxing time. But not if you’re serious about your marketing. This is the time to begin plotting out your 2015 marketing strategies. Why? Because it takes time to plot out a full strategy, boil that down into tactics, and to build a budget around all of […]

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Modern Marketing 101: The 90-Day Rule

08.26.2014 marketing

There have been far too many times when someone in a sales department would say to me, “Our sales suck this month. What can you whip up in marketing and help us meet our numbers?” And my answer is this: “This month? Not a damn thing.” You can, of course, slash prices, but that’s a very bad […]

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