Productivity Is Not A Hobby

09.08.2014 GTD

I have been fascinated by productivity from the moment that my third grade teacher read the class Cheaper by the Dozen. Although the novel poked fun at the father’s obsession with efficiency and time saving gimmicks I thought him a genius. Later, when I became a Boy Scout, this fascination with saving time transmuted into an attempt […]

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Writing Assignments: Write An Eye-Witness Report

09.05.2014 writing

Trial witnesses are remarkably unreliable. Memory and recall are imperfect and malleable and can be manipulated by questioning. And yet, being there, seeing an event first hand, can yield powerful writing. I keep a copy of Eyewitness to History on my bookshelf and many other books like it. Having a record from someone who was there is vastly […]

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Amazon Payments—An Exceptionally Bad Idea For Merchants

09.04.2014 Business

Amazon is an amazing company. I buy from them frequently. I am an investor. But I’m also very wary of them. And I think that retail merchants should be as well. Amazon is offering to make things easier and less expensive for merchants by handling payments. What a wonderful idea! Except for the part about […]

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Recipe Time: Seafood Steamer Pot

09.03.2014 Food and Cooking

During our recent vacation to Ocracoke island in the North Carolina Outer Banks we came across a service called “Captain Puddle Ducks” that delivers a pot of goodies to your door for you to steam and enjoy. The pot I ordered at 4 PM showed up at our rented house promptly at 6. It had potatoes, corn, […]

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The Case For Using The Case

09.02.2014 gadgets

I love how my iPad mini and my iPhone both feel naked (the device naked, not necessarily me). These wonderful devices are so sleek, elegant, and beautifully built. And oh so thin. And then, with regret and resignation, I put them back into their bulky protective cases. Mobile devices are meant to be carried. Things that […]

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