I Write For You, Not For Robots

08.31.2011 blogging

I took a peek at this site’s logs recently and here are the top 10 articles that people have been reading this year. The iPad And Business Travel: What You Need To Stay Connected Divide Your Attention – Say No To Others, Say No To Yourself iPad Satchel Heaven: The Levenger Bomber Jacket Messenger In […]

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08.17.2011 Business

This week I’ve been marking aniversaries. My 30th wedding anniversary. The 2nd anniversary of this blog and becoming an independent writer. In a few weeks, we’ll deliver our youngest daughter to college and become “empty nesters.” There are lots of milestones, lots of items consigned to the past. But today I’m tinkering with my “shape […]

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You Are Not A Hummingbird

08.09.2011 gadgets

I tell this to myself: you are not a hummingbird. I see them in my backyard. They’re beautiful things. One darts in as I sit on my deck chair, a blur of movement that suddenly stops, a hovering jewel just inches away. This one pauses at the Bee Balm for just a moment, eyes the […]

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Don’t Think Twice

08.01.2011 Music

It’s easy for songs to get stuck in my head. And usually they’re annoying, maddening ones. I’ve written about it before. But today I don’t mind the song bouncing around in my noggin. Bob Dylan is singing “Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right.” Early, intelligible Dylan. I have nothing against the later, unintelligible Dylan, but […]

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Dumpster Day Redux: Your Midyear Chance to Clear The Decks

07.20.2011 GTD

I typically recommend a “Dumpster Day” at the end of the year, perhaps on New Year’s Eve when there’s little productive work that can be done. But it’s also good to do one at midyear, when it’s hot (at least in most places in the US). Any excuse to lighten your load from the clutter […]

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