I Write For You, Not For Robots

by Randy Murray on August 31, 2011

I took a peek at this site’s logs recently and here are the top 10 articles that people have been reading this year.

  1. The iPad And Business Travel: What You Need To Stay Connected
  2. Divide Your Attention – Say No To Others, Say No To Yourself
  3. iPad Satchel Heaven: The Levenger Bomber Jacket Messenger
  4. In Meetings, Pen & Paper, Not Glass and Fingers
  5. Product Review: Griffin Stylus For iPad
  6. The Problem With My To-Do List (And Yours, Too)
  7. Simple Productivity Task Of The Day: Keep It In Your Pants
  8. Five Predictions About Your Future – #1: You Will Own Fewer Gadgets
  9. Too Many (or maybe not enough) Word Processors
  10. Tech Buying Tip #6: Start Over

Three of these posts are from last year. “Keep It In Your Pants” is nearly a year old. You don’t have to go much further down the list to find articles that are much older and still being read every week.

I could make conclusions from this list and shape what I’m writing. FTTT would become all iPad and productivity, all them time. But I’m not selling ads. I’m not writing to attract the great and marvelous Google. I’m writing about things that I care about and that interest me. And those are only the top ten. Not far behind you start seeing a clump of readers for my Writing Assignments series, for my pieces on net neutrality, and even the recipes I post.

This list is interesting, but it doesn’t particularly shape what I’ll write next. The longer term list is even more interesting, but it’s dwarfed by the surprisingly popularity of “The Spend Nothing Game“. I could do an entire site just on that (and debated doing it for a while). But that was too limiting. I consider myself a columnist. I write a column and publish it online five days a week. I get no pleasure from robots and spiders walking my site, but it’s gratifying when real people do.

That’s satisfying and rewarding. Thank you for reading.

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