Keys To Managing Others

10.05.2011 blogging

Today you’ll find my daily post over at A Better Freelancer. This site, run by the ever entrepenural Aaron Mahnke, is a great resource for those of us who work on our own, or “without a net” as I like to call it. So please zip on over to read my contribution. It’s called “Keys To […]

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Writing Assignment: Confront An Addiction

09.30.2011 productivity

Do you think you spend too much time online? Do you eat too much, or eat too much junk food? Do you kick yourself for playing games for hours on end? Do you watch way too much TV? You know what behaviors you have that are destructive and wasteful. But have you really admitted it […]

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Tips To Break Your Online Addiction: Make Music

09.29.2011 Music

One of the oldest and most fundamental human experiences is the making of music. Music is literally tied to the rhythm of our hearts, to the vibrations of our environments, and to the sounds of breathing, living, and moving. Listening to music is wonderful, but nothing compares to the experience of making music yourself. Making […]

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Tips To Break Your Online Addiction: Clean Something

09.28.2011 Environment

There is always something that needs to be cleaned. If you’re in your workplace, your computer, your desk, the things that surround you, they all get filthy over time. If you’re at home, cleaning is a never-ending task. So make it a positive experience. If you’re struggling with online addictions, then make a note of […]

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You’re Reading Too Fast

09.12.2011 Books and Literature

There’s so much to read. Those stacks of books and magazines. RSS feeds and blogs, like this one, that produce a never ending stream of words. Emails, tweets, messages of all sorts. Sometimes I find them all a blur, like a billboard fleetingly glanced at when you whizz by at seventy miles an hour. And […]

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