The Etch Journal Cover & Twist Pen: Elegant Writing Tools

by Randy Murray on July 9, 2013

I was recently sent samples of a leather journal cover and hand-crafted pen by allegory. They’re running a Kickstarter campaign to launch this new line of goods. Go to the kickstarted page for photos and video that show these items better than I could here. If you’re someone who loves fine made writing tools, you’ll want to take a look at these.

Let’s start with the pen. The Twist pen is a turned-wood writing instrument. If you go to arts & crafts fairs you’ll often find vendors who make turned-wood pens. I have never much cared for them, but this pen, the Twist, is very attractive, spare, and very nice to hold. It is exceptionally well made. The wood is smooth and comfortable to the touch. It is, however, VERY heavy. I would not carry it in my shirt pocket.

In fact, the Twist really is a desk pen. I’ve taken to keeping it at my standing desk. It looks great there and it’s very nice for making a few notes. I probably wouldn’t pick it to write with for an extended period, but only because of the weight. Allegory offers a number of pens and pencils in various designs at their site, but the Twist and its variations are currently available only through the Kickstarter campaign.

The etch journal cover is simply beautiful. It was designed to use with the Moleskine Cahier Journal, but I’ve tried it, and found it also fits the Field Notes Memo Book and the Word. notebook. The cover is made from Kangaroo leather and is buttery soft to the touch. It’s flexible and very comfortable to hold. I like the extremely minimal design of the cover. The inside pockets are just big enough to hold the edges of the notebook cover snugly in place, but no more, reducing the potential bulk and weight. The back of the cover has two dart shaped cuts which are perfect for business or credit card-sized storage. It could be used as a minimal wallet as well as a protective notebook carrier.

I really like this cover. Although I enjoy carrying “naked” notebooks of this size in my shirt pockets, the etch cover will be part of my “kit” when I’m dressed for business or wearing a suit or sport coat.

Combine the etch cover and the Twist pen and you have a special gift set. Neither the pen or notebook cover is inexpensive, but they’re not outrageously priced for custom-crafted pieces. They’re both beautiful and useful. If you’re looking for a gift (and thinking in advance for Christmas, birthdays, or graduations) these tools would make a powerful impression.

I like what allegory is doing as a company. They’re trying to build a company based on hand-crafted, beautiful objects while focusing on natural, renewable materials. I congratulate them on their approach.

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