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The Etch Journal Cover & Twist Pen: Elegant Writing Tools

07.09.2013 Product Reviews

I was recently sent samples of a leather journal cover and hand-crafted pen by allegory. They’re running a Kickstarter campaign to launch this new line of goods. Go to the kickstarted page for photos and video that show these items better than I could here. If you’re someone who loves fine made writing tools, you’ll want […]

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Word. Notebooks Built For To Dos

06.12.2013 Product Reviews

The folks at Word. Notebooks sent me a few of their notebooks to take a look at. They’ve sat in my “Action” file during my recent convalescence, but I’ve been giving them a go recently. I can’t help but  compare them to the Field Notes Memo books that I regularly carry and love. They are […]

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Three Rules Of Proper Notebook Management: 3-What To Do With Filled Notebooks

06.06.2013 Tools

It doesn’t matter. I very rarely look at my older, archived notebooks, but I like having them. I don’t need them. Perhaps someday I’ll build a bonfire to send them back into the void or bury them in the ground and let them gently return to nature. Perhaps I’ll urge those who carry on after […]

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Three Rules Of Proper Notebook Management: 1-What To Write In Your Notebook

06.04.2013 writing

Everything. A pocket notebook is one of the most valuable tools a writer can possess and it’s pretty damn useful for everyone else, too. Write down everything that you need to know later, want to remember, things that you’ve seen, or ideas that have occurred to you. Write down things that amuse, shock, or move […]

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Miro Artisanal Notebooks

04.11.2013 Product Reviews

I’m a big fan of paper notebooks, journals, and memo books. I have stacks of filled ones piled on my office closet shelf and at any given moment they may cover my desk. At this very moment there are two Moleskine Squared Large Notebooks, a Levenger 5 Years Journal, and two Miro notebooks on my […]

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