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Product Review: The Allett RFID Shielding Security Wallet

10.23.2014 Product Reviews

Let me first say this: just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean that people aren’t out to get you. And one of the ways that people may be out to get you is to steal your information and identity from the RFID chips that may be embedded in your credit cards, passports, and other documentation. The […]

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The Etch Journal Cover & Twist Pen: Elegant Writing Tools

07.09.2013 Product Reviews

I was recently sent samples of a leather journal cover and hand-crafted pen by allegory. They’re running a Kickstarter campaign to launch this new line of goods. Go to the kickstarted page for photos and video that show these items better than I could here. If you’re someone who loves fine made writing tools, you’ll want […]

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Miro Artisanal Notebooks

04.11.2013 Product Reviews

I’m a big fan of paper notebooks, journals, and memo books. I have stacks of filled ones piled on my office closet shelf and at any given moment they may cover my desk. At this very moment there are two Moleskine Squared Large Notebooks, a Levenger 5 Years Journal, and two Miro notebooks on my […]

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Reviewed: SOG Flash II Knife

01.17.2012 Product Reviews

I feel naked without a pocket knife. I’m an old farm boy and once a Boy Scout, always a Boy Scout. Now I’m feeling particularly well dressed with my new folding knife. I’ve had my eye on this one for a while: the SOG Flash II. This is not a knife for the timid. It’s […]

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Love Those Shoes! Keen’s Newport - The Perfect Summer Shoe

07.11.2011 Product Reviews

Before we took off on our recent vacation I felt that I needed some new summer shoes, something light and airy, that would allow me to walk and cover a lot of ground comfortably. I typically wear tennis shoes, or running shoes, as many call them. But my poor back doesn’t allow for the pounding […]

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