The Etch Journal Cover & Twist Pen: Elegant Writing Tools

07.09.2013 Product Reviews

I was recently sent samples of a leather journal cover and hand-crafted pen by allegory. They’re running a Kickstarter campaign to launch this new line of goods. Go to the kickstarted page for photos and video that show these items better than I could here. If you’re someone who loves fine made writing tools, you’ll want […]

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Miro Artisanal Notebooks

04.11.2013 Product Reviews

I’m a big fan of paper notebooks, journals, and memo books. I have stacks of filled ones piled on my office closet shelf and at any given moment they may cover my desk. At this very moment there are two Moleskine Squared Large Notebooks, a Levenger 5 Years Journal, and two Miro notebooks on my […]

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Tools For Writers: Your ‘To Read’ List

02.12.2013 Books and Literature

There is so much to read, so many good books recommended by friends and others, so many books that I’d like to read, but perhaps not right now. I’ve found that if I don’t write down these possible books to read that it’s unlikely that I’ll remember them when the time is right, when I’m […]

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Honest And Uncensored

02.06.2013 blogging

I write for a living. Businesses pay me to write for them. When I do writing like this the biggest job is bringing in a tight focus to write with the voice they need and condensing their messages tightly and effectively. It’s about their message, not mine. When I write longer forms for business I […]

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Writing Assignment: Summarize Your Day

01.11.2013 Writing Assignments

Keeping a journal is an excellent habit for writers, but it can become tedious and uninteresting if you attempt to capture everything you did in a single day. Very few writers can manage a comprehensive and detailed review of their day with every thought and experience. That level of detail isn’t really useful. What does […]

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